Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Environment

This is my very first blog post so I chose a topic that needs awareness among our little ones along with being age appropriate.

When the Science topic of  'Our Environment' was being covered in school, I noticed that my Dhruv was a little perplexed.  It is surely a content dense chapter with many challenging concepts like deforestation, pollution and conservation.
I split the chapter into


We dealt with life in a forest and forest products. We did several worksheets on these and some creative writing too!
We understood what is deforestation and what are the causes and effects of deforestion.
We made a  T-chart on deforestation after sorting out causes and effects from a pile of pictures.

Deforestation Chart - Causes & Effects

Dhruv pinned his chart in class.


We understood causes and effects of pollution of the 3 natural resources-  air, land and water. We did several worksheets on these.
We understood what is acid rain through this lovely slideshow made by EPA .


We understood the '3Rs of Conservation'.
The 3 Rs of Conservation Poster

We discussed what we in our day-to-day life can do for conservation and then also did several worksheets.
There's also an interesting video for kids on pollution.

For all this and more,  have a look at my product  Our Environment- Forests, Deforestation, Pollution and Conservation .

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Our Environment - Forests, Deforestation, Pollution & Conservation Worksheets