Thursday, August 7, 2014

Parts of a Plant

This a fairly straight forward topic but is also pretty lengthy . I taught it to my son using the worksheets I made for this chapter along with some you tube videos.
Here's a youtube video to give an overall idea of the parts of a plant
The chapter is divided into the following parts.
I made worksheets to distinguish between tap roots and fibrous roots and to enumerate  various functions of roots.
Types of roots - tap root and fibrous root
I also showed my child tap roots from a bunch of coriander leaves and fibrous roots from a cluster of grass.
I explained the classification of plants based on stems like climbers and creepers, herbs, shrubs and trees. We also worked on functions of stems through discussions. We did worksheets for all the topics.
I explained the parts of a leaf and the process of photosynthesis. Here's a video of photosynthesis which my son really enjoyed.

We also worked on worksheets for photosynthesis and parts of a leaf.
Flower and Fruit
I did not go into the depth of pollination and parts of a flower as this would be too intense for a 8 year old.  I explained how a bud turns to a flower and then to a fruit and found this beautiful video showing pear blossoms turning into young pear fruits.

We did a simple worksheet on this topic.
We learnt what is germination . This video from eLearning came handy.

We did a worksheet on seeds.
Additionally we did several worksheets covering overall plant topics like identifying different parts of plants etc.
All the worksheets are available in my product Parts of a Plant .
Parts of a Plant - root, stem , leaf, flower, fruit, seed - worksheets
 A preview is available for download here.
After doing this chapter, my child has developed an extreme liking for plants. Hope yours does so too!