Thursday, November 27, 2014

Human Body Organ Systems

Well, we all know that the human body is the most complex creation nature has made. But it's also the most exciting thing to learn about!
When my boy Dhruv  came home 2 weeks back saying 'The topic we started in school today is Organ Systems' , I was pretty excited !
Though there are 11 organ systems in our body, a third grader is introduced to 8 of them and they are all introductory of course!
I found a lot of interesting  and cute videos on youtube on the different organ systems and thought I must collect them together in this post.
I also made a bunch of worksheets to reinforce the topics.

Skeletal System
After explaining the skeletal system, I did a small cut and paste worksheet with Dhruv followed by additional worksheets on the functions of the skeletal system.

Skeletal System Cut & Paste Worksheet for grade 3 & 4

There's a youtube video on the skeletal system for kids which is pretty informative.

Digestive System
After explaining the concepts, we first did a cut and paste worksheet followed by worksheets on functionality of the digestive system.
Digestive System Cu& Paste Activity & Worksheet for Grade 3
For the digestive system too has a good video.

Nervous System
This musical video from SchoolHouse Rock is a real fun way of explaining the concept of the nervous system.
Circulatory System
Here's another fun video from SchoolHouse Rock on this topic.
A more educational video on circulatory system is also available but Dhruv prefers the fun one !
Respiratory System has a video for the Respiratory System (there is one mistake in the video- it says diaphragm is the largest muscle).
Of course, I made worksheets here as well.
To wrap up all the  11 organ systems there's an overview video by the Amoeba Sisters that I found useful.


Here's a small  quiz from Magic School Bus.

All my worksheets on Organ Systems is available in my TPT Product My Body Organ Systems- Worksheets for Grade 3 & 4
Organ Systems - Digestive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory, Nervous, Excretory

A preview is available for download here  .